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tempo straps neckline

Neckline, Straps, and Placket Hacks for Tempo Sundress

Wanna change up the neckline, modify the straps, or install a button placket on your sewing pattern? This blog is for you!

Let’s hack together

Hi everyone! I’m Annick, An Ca, from flaxfield_sewing and I want to share something with you that I’m really proud of.  The beauty of sewing is that you can create anything you want.  You are not tied to clothing collections or the trends of that season.  If you like something, you can just make it.

For example, I saw a beautiful dress on socials and it immediately reminded me of the Tempo Summer dress, with a few small adjustments.  And since I’m really a fan of hacking so that you can go in different directions with one basic pattern, I felt it itch again.

The Pattern

Today’s Feature Friday pattern is the Tempo Sundress. This design is meant for woven fabrics and features a soft v neckline, thick straps to conceal bra straps and two optional tiers of skirt. In-seam pockets are included and are anchored at the waistline to keep them securely in place. The back of the Tempo features a panel that can either be shirred or elasticated to make this very easy to fit and fun to wear!

Get the pattern here
Wide straps to cover bra straps
Multiple tier options
Darts and gentle V neckline
Shirred or elasticated back
Anchored, in-seam pockets


A few simple adjustments

With four simple adjustments, I was able to create my ultimate summer dress:

  • I adjusted the front bodice by straightening the neckline
  • I added a button closure along the front of the bodice
  • I narrowed the shoulder straps
  • I added waist ties


Ready to follow the steps? Let’s go!


Pattern Piece Adjustments


Bodice Adjustments

  • Take the front bodice.  Draw a line from the highest point, where the straps are attached, to the front center.  Make sure this line is perpendicular to the grainline.
  • The “place on fold” line is our center front line.  On this line we are going to attach our buttons.  For a button closure you need an overlapping part + extra seam allowance, so I added 3 cm, parallel to the center front line.  Cut out your new front bodice pattern piece.


Front Facing Adjustments

    •   Take a white sheet and draw 2 parallel, vertical lines 3 cm apart.
    • Take your original front facing pattern piece and place it against the right line so that the top of the pattern piece meets the top of your sheet.
    • Now draw a third line at 2 cm from the 2nd line, from the front facing pattern piece downwards.
    • Take your front bodice and place it on your front facing.  Make sure that both pattern pieces are the same length in the middle front.
    • Cut out your new front facing.
    • Take the shoulder straps.  I narrowed them down to 5cm or 2 inches.


Cut out these pattern pieces


You will need the following parts

  • 2 skirts on the fold
  • 4 front bodices (2x from outer fabric, 2x from lining fabric)
  • 4 back bodices (2x from outer fabric, 2x from lining fabric)
  • 2 front facings from interfacing
  • 2 back facings from interfacing
  • 2 straps
  • 1 shirred panel
  • 4 pockets
  • 2 waist ties, I made mine 5cm x 65cm


Sew your beautiful dress!

Follow all the steps of the main instructions until step 13.  

At this point, there will be two differences:

  • You iron the front facings on the 2 lining parts of the front bodice.  It looks a bit different, like this:
  •  You have cut the lining part of the back completely and not just a facing part.  

However, the working method remains the same.

  • Step 14: You also have to sew the center front of your bodice

  • Your front and back now look like this:

If you want to add ties, now is the time!  

  • Take your ties and fold 1 short end 1cm inwards, to the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Fold the tie in half lengthwise, with wrong sides together.  You now have a center line.
  • Unfold again and fold the two raw edges back to the center line you just made.
  • Fold again along the center line.
  • Edgestitch along the 2 long sides and along the folded short side.  A blind hem foot can help you to work very accurately here.
  • Sew the ties along the side edges, 2 cm above the waistline, on the right side of the front bodice.



You can now sew step 16 from the instructions.

  • Your bodice will look like the picture below.
  • Lay the right side from the front bodice (as worn) on top.  Let the two sides overlap 4 cm.  Secure with stitching within the seam allowance. 
  • Sew the buttons or use press studs like me.
  • You can now follow the rest of the instructions (Step 17 to Step 22).

You’re done!

You’re done and you can admire your beautiful work!  In Belgium there are still a lot of good, sunny days coming this week.  I already know what I’m going to wear 😉.


Happy sewing!



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tempo straps neckline


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